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Next race weekend July 8th-9th!

Next race weekend July 8th-9th!


Watch tomorrow's stars, today!

Watch tomorrow's stars, today!


Fun For The Entire Family!

Fun For The Entire Family!


Race Day Info

Are your events family friends?

While we cannot control the actions of all of our competitors during every single minute of an event, we do our best to provide a family-friendly atmosphere for children of all ages and adults of all life experience. We encourage you to bring your family to enjoy the fun during any of our events.

Do your allow coolers?

Yes, we do permit coolers and outside refreshments to be brought into the facility. For those who choose to travel light, we offer various refreshments for sale on racedays including food and beverages.

Do you have an FM frequency to listen to the PA?

Yes! We have an FM transmitter active on 88.7 for teams and fans to listen to the public address system for information about the race on-track or upcoming event details such as which division is on-deck to race.

Do you have room for my rig in the pits?

Yes! We have acres of property available for use by teams who come to compete. While rig size may dictate parking location, rest assured we will do our best to accommodate you and your tow vehicles so you can compete with us at any given time.

Do you offer shuttle service?

The local church up the hill from the track is home to the Sons of Thunder ministry led by Rev. Buddy Compton. While we at the track do not have our own shuttle service, “Preacher Buddy” very often offers shuttle service from the parking area to the pits on the Sons of Thunder golf cart for those who request it.

Do you have electronic scoring?

Yes! Each event entry comes with a transponder rental. Live scoring can be found on the race monitor app.

Does my entire crew need to purchase a pit pass?

Because of our facility layout, every person must purchase an admission ticket/armband/credential which also doubles as a pit pass. These also double as insurance coverage in the event something unforeseen happens. We want all of our patrons to be covered and not have to worry about things while at the track having fun.

How can I become a sponsor or advertiser?

We’re honored to have captured your interest and would love to have you on board as a partner in our facility. Contact Adam Stewart for details about joining our family at (828) 244-7249.

May I camp in my toterhome, hauler or camper?

Yes! Camping is permitted in the pits and the parking areas for those with recreational vehicles. We do not have hookups, but you’re welcome to camp without additional fees. For vehicles in the pit/restricted area, all occupants must have an admission band/credential for admission.

Where can I watch the race from?

One thing which makes Mountain Creek Speedway unique is our vast array of viewing areas around the track. Most fans enjoy the hillside behind the flagstand with a lawn chair, blanket, or simply standing at their favorite location. We are actively working to increase seating capacity, but have a large assortment of options for fans who attend our events.

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